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Quarry-Direct Natural Stone

Our building stone is available in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and patterns. It is also available in a thin veneer in many varieties. We are a quarry-direct company, so we are able to blend stone colors and chop the stone into a variety of patterns and sizes. This will give each and every job its own unique look. Stop by and let our staff help you make your vision come true!

*Pricing is per ton unless otherwise noted. Thin veneer is by the sq. ft. and ln ft. price. Measurements may vary 1/4" on flagstone and 1/2" on chopped stone. Slabs are 1-2 stones per layer. Stone is a natural product and there can be variations. We make no guarantees as to consistencies of color range or textures.

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Click here to go BACK! Keota Dark Blue Sample Panel (002) 3-4 Stirps Keota Blue, Keota Dark Blue, Keota Dark Blue Core Cut
(003) 3-6 Keota Dark Blue Core Cut (004) 3-6 Keota Dark Blue Core Cut (005) 3-6 Keota Dark Blue Core Cut
(006) 3-4 inch Strips-Keota Blue- 3-4 inch Strips Keota Dark Blue - 3-4inch Strips Keota Dark Blue Core Cut (007) Keota Dk Blue- 3-8 Keota Dk Blue Core Cut- 3-5 and half- Sq and Rec pattern w Irregs- Antq Grey Tumbled  (008) Keota Dark Blue Irregulars Tumbled and Keota Core Cut Sq and Rec Tumbled & Antique Grey 
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